Happy birthday Canada!

Man I love Canada! The maple syrup, our colourful money, its diversity… Drake and the Biebs, Timbits!, snow, healthcare, Celine Dion, HGTV, ketchup chips, Degrassi Junior High, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (please get back together!), McCain’s Deep’n Delcious (mmm), Toronto!, Montreal, Michael Cera, hockey and lacrosse, MuchMusic, farmers’ markets, spelling words with ou’s, the last letter of the alphabet: zed, native Indians, Eskimos, Canadian bacon, Groundhog Day, beer, South Park and of course… Mr. Dressup!!!

Before tonight’s fireworks I’ll be spending the day in my allergy-free, air-conditioned home watching the final match between Italy and Spain for the Euro Cup! Oleeee, ole, ole, ole!

How are you spending Canada Day? Am I missing anything on the list?


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