Leaving my full time job

It’s getting close to my last day at work and the anticipation and nerves are starting to creep in. A few weeks ago, the thought of leaving home for Australia alone still felt dream-like. Now that all my family, friends and co-workers know… ahhhhh! Lucky for me everyone’s been super supportive and excited for me.

I’m leeeeeavin’ on a jet plane…

I work at a Canadian media company that specializes in marketing communications, web solutions and magazine publishing. I started as an intern in an editorial department in January 2011 and was hired full time as a Listings Reporter in June.

In the last year and a half I’ve improved my writing skills, prioritized my assignments and goals, met great contacts and made some awesome life-long friendships. It’ll be quite the adjustment not carpooling with my close colleague P everyday, not sitting in my cozy cubicle and not sharing a stroll to the mall with other fellow reporters who’ve become great friends.

Although I know I’ll miss the people I’ve met, life’s got to move forward, and leaving at this time just feels right. I couldn’t be more grateful because it’s a great job that got me started on the right foot. And thanks to Skype and social media, keeping in touch and updating friends and family with my whereabouts and adventures will be a synch!

Also!… a tad of an update on my old skinny jeans goal: lost 3 pounds so far and have a new goal to go to the gym everyday this week for 30 mins. Day 1? CHECK!

Reference letters If you take pride in having a good, strong work ethic then you’ll have no trouble asking your soon to be ex-boss(s) for reference letters. No matter what type of work you fall into in the future (while travelling or not), it’s always great to have strong positive references rooting for you when you meet future possible employers or customers.


4 thoughts on “Leaving my full time job

  1. rickbraveheart

    This is a wonderful blog Bettina and your writing skills are great! Best wishes in this new chapter in your life.


  2. Kristen

    I left my full time job to travel around the world for a year… and you know what? They rehired me within 2 weeks of my return to the States. If you leave on good terms, you’ll have no trouble finding work again or using your former employer as a reference, as you mentioned – and I found that people respect you more for taking a chance and following your dreams. Good luck with the move to Australia!


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