I’ve been slipped a roofie

When I tell people about my recent interest in saving/budgeting, the majority look at me like I awoke a rabid dark demon from deep in their subconscious… one with 17 heads and an appetite for anything even mildly-optimistic.

Although I don’t have many of the financial responsibilities that most do, I do understand that feeling of resistance: avoiding opening your mail or signing into online banking, feeling hopeless after spending a few years’ savings on an unexpected emergency, using your credit and debit cards aimlessly to cope with your feelings of shame and disappointment. Not fun.

But after finding a few blogs about others rising out of debt and reaching their goals, it inspired me to take action and crack down on my coin. After a few days playing with excel charts and selling a few things here and there for some extra cushion, I started to view budgeting as more of a game than anything. Am I sick, or what?! Ha!

Now I look at my spread and think of creative ways to save/make money while budgeting for important goals that’ll bring me satisfaction (Hey there kangaroo ;)). I feel in control, rather than controlled by money. I can see where it’s going and can make sound decisions while prioritizing what’s important to help get me to where I want to be.

Although I know saving and investing is a lifelong journey, it’s great to see and know that it’s going in a positive direction… and that’s all I can ask for.

My tidbit? Face your finances head-on and you’ll never look back.

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” -Donald Trump

That quote was from the Donald… I promise it won’t happen again. Ha! 🙂

If personal-financing tickles your fancy then check out these awesome, awesome blogs. It’s safe to say they slipped me the budget ‘drug:’

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Ninja at Punch Debt In The Face

Daisy at When Life Gives You Lemons

Steve Pavlina at Personal Development For Smart People

Ginna at My Pretty Pennies

Homeowner By 30


4 thoughts on “I’ve been slipped a roofie

  1. vgrandja

    I was shocked with the title of this post. I was thinking “You poor dear! A guy slipped you one of those! Bad man…time to b**** slap him for taking advantage of you! But I see now you were being creative.


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