10 thoughts on “Choosing an Australian bank account

  1. Ainslie

    Hey there, honestly, I’d go with ANZ. They are everywhere 🙂 But I’m not sure how it works with overseas transactions….I think you always pay a little. Good luck 🙂 and thank you again for the nomination!


    1. iwtkangaroo

      Oh yea!? I’m not a fan of their $5/mo fee but I’m going to look into it… sometimes you can’t tell from the site what the bank offers in its entirety. No problemo! You’re blog’s awesome. 🙂


    2. Merv

      I´m with ANZ and I´m working in China, I get stung atleast AU$10 every time I either pay with the card or use a ATM. 😦 Opening Citibank account as soon as I get back home to Australia.


  2. fromshoppingtosaving

    I am not too familiar with Australian banks, but I bank with Chase here in the US and I also have a credit card with Citibank. I don’t particularly love Citibank’s customer service, but I haven’t really had too many problems with them. I just don’t like the high interest rate even though I’ve been with them for years. I love Chase, and they are also a huge bank. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for!

    Thanks for the award! =) It’s my first time here and I’m following!


    1. iwtkangaroo

      Thank you so much, I appreciate it! 🙂 An no problem…I’ve been enjoying your posts/tweets and point of view! That’s something to consider in terms of customer service.


  3. healthehelen

    I was with citibank when I lived in Aus – and HSBC who are also free. The only downside I found to CB is if you do, for some reason, want to talk to someone – or have a problem with your card – as there’s no branches. This means there are no alternative ways to access money.You can’t just go in an write yourself a cheque for example. Other than that, all Aussie banks are much of a muchness.


  4. atrumei

    I’m an Aussie (yep, that’s how we spell it!), born and bred in Melbourne – for convenience, go with NAB instead of Citibank. I know Citibank is pretty popular in the Americas but it really isn’t that convenient here – not many ATMs or branches. NAB is much more accessible of the two – loving your posts and I hope my two cents helped!


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