12 thoughts on “Resistance to goals and a financial update

  1. Red Toenails

    Thanks for stopping by and for the like. Great post of yours as well. I’m doing an European trip next year and am excited about collecting the Euro – I save money from wherever I travel. My friends even bring me back different denominations.


    1. iwtkangaroo

      No way, that’s awesome! I’d love to do a Euro trip in the next few years as well. Europe has a lot to offer 🙂 Sounds like a fun collection! I’d be cool to look at all the different currencies!


  2. rickbraveheart

    People who listen to and follow their own heart like you’re doing Bettina, scare lots of folks. Sure some worry about your well-being and don’t know how to tell you except for things like “I think you’re being crazy about doing what you’re going to do.” And, many others have never had a passion burning inside them that has to be honored. I’ve made decisions like you’re doing several times in my life and NEVER EVER regretted it. No matter what happens everything in life can teach us something. You go gal!


  3. theeyesandthehands

    I am amazed by your projects and your thoughts! I’ve taken a leap of faith myself lately and I’m petrified… I sometimes feel completely over wellmed, and yet, I don’t push myself to do the things I ought to do to feel more in control… I think I’m gonna follow you example and do a TO DO list directly on my blog, just to have it ou in the open might help me!! Thanks for following, can’t wait for the rest of your adventures.


  4. zooeyibz

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I admire you for getting up and going… however hard it is, and whatever resistance you encounter. Self-directed living is a challenge but the people who make the effort reap the rewards. Your life will be infinitely richer and more YOURS. Best wishes!


  5. legionwriter

    Lately I’ve shared that same allergy to goal setting. I have a job where my entire worth in the eyes of my employer is wrapped up in my numbers. How much junk can I sell, and how efficiently can I do it? It’s friggin’ exhausting.
    I’m thirsty for a few precious moments to just breathe and take a crap on goals and numbers.


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