Getting a working holiday visa for Australia

Tomorrow’s my last day at work… then the wedding… then I’m off! I leave for Oz next Friday August 3rd. I can’t wait to fill this blog with posts all about the adventure! Now back to logistics…

If you’re planning on travelling and staying in Australia, why not make a little coin? To do that you’ll need a ‘Working Holiday Visa.’

To see an overview of your options, or if you’re an Australian looking to work overseas in another country, you can check out the Australian Government’s website here.

Here’s the gist:

A working holiday visa grants you: permission to stay up to 1 year in Australia, leave and come back to Australia as many times as you’d like within the year your visa is valid, work for up to 6 months with an individual employer and study for up to 4 months.

Cost: $280 AUD (7/26/12).

For those aged 18-30 years old, you’ll either be applying for a ‘Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)’, or a ‘Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)’ depending on your citizenship.

Subclass 417:

For people from Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Subclass 462:

For people from Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

Ready to apply?

Always apply online. I co-worker of mine said her friend applied by mail 3 weeks ago… she still hasn’t heard back. I applied online and got my visa emailed to me 24 hours after applying.

Apply online here.

Scroll down until you see a chart and click on the application that applies to you. Canadians between 18-30 years of age who are entering Australia for the first time will click ‘First Working Holiday (for subclass 417)’.

You’ll be led through a series of very simple questions which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Make sure you have your passport info with you and any other ID—you’ll be needing to provide this information during the application process. After completing the application, print or keep record of any information noted.

All you’ll have to do now is wait! You could also check the status of your application here.


8 thoughts on “Getting a working holiday visa for Australia

  1. rickbraveheart

    I leave soon for a 2-week photo shoot and have heard there is no internet access. I’ve “LOVED” hearing about your great decision to follow your heart, catching up on the many details involved in planning your new adventure and am looking forward to hearing about you’re time in Australia. So, in case I can’t check in on your blog until I return I send you my best wishes for a safe departure, a fun trip there and a gentle time getting settled in. I’ll end this with one of only a handful of Australian phrases I know. Fortunately this one’s family friendly and appropriate: Hooroo.


  2. GalonTrip

    thanks for viewing and “like”ing my post. are you planning back to canada after staying for awhile in aussie? i heard it’s so easy to apply a working visa for developed country passport holders. but sometimes embassies are more cranky while handling developing country passport holders, especially young travelers. that’s my experience :(.
    a friend of mine with dutch passport did it too and loved every second she spent in aussie. i believe you are enjoying your days there! are you planning back to canada after staying for awhile in aussie?


    1. iwtkangaroo

      Yes for sure. Not quite sure how long I’ll be spending in Australia but my visa lasts up to year. Just depends on my financial situation. So far no trouble with embassies so I’m thankful! And no problemo! 😉


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