11 thoughts on “Visiting family in Australia and pre-departure to do’s

  1. justpatmedamnit

    i live in Melbourne so if you happen to be passing and need a place to stay and a tour guide for a few nights, let me know! 🙂


  2. quinnmaddux

    you probably have this covered; since you are going on extended holiday might want to have have medical records on usb, or easily accessible should you need it.
    i pray that you will not and that you will have a safe and joyous journey.



      1. quinnmaddux

        nothing to it. i usually have my medical stuff on usb with a note in my wallet or knapsack should i be incapacitated. also i do not know how long until you leave to go, but you may want to see about having an advanced directive or living will.

        sorry to be slightly morbid/downer, but things are so much better when you have already put your desires in writing and have all of this detailed so that your family can carry out your wishes.

        lets not think about that however, lets concentrate on what an outstanding time you are going to have.


  3. Toni-Yvonne

    I now live in Sydney, and it really is a beautiful place. Make sure you visit Byron Bay up in north NSW though (about 10 hrs drive from sydney cbd) and also north Queensland is amazing!!! The great barrier reef and islands are as beautiful as you would expect!

    I have lived here on and off for the past 10 years now (also lived up in Queensland) and think you should see as much of Australia outside the cities as possible, as that is where I believe Australia sparkles, in its natural beauty



  4. Dustin Brumley

    Good luck and bon voyage!
    While reading your post I couldn’t help but notice there was not back-up disk. I only say that because I am quite risk adverse when it comes to important computer stuff and have a nice little external hard drive that can be kept on my person.

    Anyway, I’m sure you have your bases covered and see you on the other side!



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