Checking in baggage and… the law of attraction?

I reeeeeeally wanted to take my MEC pack with me to Oz. I had all my clothes vacuum-packed and tried my best to stuff the bag the most efficient way possible. It turned into an extremely frustrating life-size game of tetris… but I really tried. My pack was brimming. I tried it on… I can do this! Turned out the only way to safely carry the pack was to go at it strategically: place pack on a 45 degree angle along the bed, slide my arms through, roll over to my side and stand up… mission.

I bit the bullet and went for the trusty Samsonite (Sam). My mom was also proud to see that she was right… the pack just wasn’t cutting it. So I transferred everything from the pack to Sam, sat on it, zipped it up and headed for the airport with my mom and good neighbour. We made bets on the way there to see how much Sam would weigh… it was heavy.

When I was checking-in my luggage, the United attendant informed me that it was 10 pounds overweight. He suggested I take some things out and throw them in my small backpack (my carry on). I declined… no room and too much of a hassle. The attendant said he’d see what he could do.

He looked into my flight and noticed that there were upgrades available (for first class), and that the upgrade would cost less than the price I’d have to pay for obese Sam. First class ticket holders were also allowed to check in more luggage of inflated weights meaning my luggage would clear!

So although I still had to pay a few extra bucks, it saved me from paying full price and I got bumped into first class! The deal didn’t grant me first class all the way to Sydney (that would’ve been sweet), but it did for my 2 connecting flights from Toronto to Denver, and Denver to San Fran.

And funny thing… a week ago I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to somehow catch a ride in first class! Woot! Mission accomplished.

I’m currently waiting in a nice deli in the San Francisco airport waiting for my last flight of the day to Sydney. Here we go!


5 thoughts on “Checking in baggage and… the law of attraction?

  1. Raethen

    woot! upgrades are nice. completely believe in the law of attraction, if it doesn’t happen – its only become lost in the universe, something wonderful usually comes along, just have to wait. enjoy your traveling, looking forward to your first impressions.


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