Transportation from Sydney airport

My flight into Sydney landed at 6:30am. Went through immigration/customs and took the rail to Bounce Hostel. I’d suggest taking the rail/train from Sydney Airport if you’re heading anywhere along or near the airport link (Mascot, Green Square, Central Station, Circular Quay etc.). It cost $15.40 one way and the train ticket’s valid until next day 4am (if you’re making multiple stops between stations).

There are also pickup locations outside all of Sydney airport’s terminals if you were interested in taking a cab, bus or coach. The rail made it easy b/c there were no routes to figure out and it was easy travelling with my chunky suitcase.

Bounce is located right across from Central Station… made it a synch to locate. Check-in’s at 2pm so I’m writing this while hangin’ out in the lounge/cafeteria with other fellow hostellers… watching a few Olympic events. This will be home for me for the next week. I’ll also be writing a review of the hostel after my stay, so stay tuned.

So far all the people I’ve come into contact with have been very helpful. I also became friends with fellow Aussie S during my flight. We exchanged contact info and offered to show me around to a few hot spots. Hooroo!


6 thoughts on “Transportation from Sydney airport

  1. Ed Lynch

    Ever read The Road to Botany Bay? It’s been described as a cultural and geographic history of Australia. Thought you might be interested!


  2. m3lly78

    So glad that you arrived safely & welcome to Sydney!!!!!!

    With the great weather at the moment, try and make it down to the Opera Bar on the concourse of the Opera House – it has the most amazing views of the Bridge, city, etc and it’s an awesome spot for a drink at dusk!

    Also, if you’re around over the weekend, check out The Rocks Markets which has arts, niknaks & food stalls!


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