Free Theater in Sydney

The street-theater scene in Sydney is prominent, especially around the high-traffic tourist areas like Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.


Most of the performers are men showcasing their dance tricks and practiced stunts.  All, if not most times, these shows come with a bit of slapstick to keep the audience of young and old entertained and content. If you take a day to wander the city you’ll start to recognize the performers and their different routines. I’ve seen a man from New Zealand tie himself up in chains and maneuver out of it, an Italian balance on a bike suspended 10-feet in the air while juggling swords and a fellow Canuck and break-dancer steal the crowd. Depending on my schedule I’ll pop a seat right in front to witness the action.


Today by far was the best performance I’d seen. An Aussie native from Melbourne balanced—on his stomach—on a bed of nails while juggling lit torches. But it wasn’t the stunt that was most impressive. His jokes were HILARIOUS. I even chuckled when he poked fun at Canadians. He also kept his show short and sweet. Some performers will yap away for 20 minutes without performing squat.


If you pass by and happen to like a certain performance and can afford it, do toss the performer a few coins or whatever you deem worthy. They make a living solely on charisma, creativity and brave brass balls! Just don’t believe them when they tell you they’re allergic to silver. 🙂

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