Getting a job in hospitality

The Australian hospitality industry is one boasting vacancies for both inexperienced and experienced professionals. A job in hospitality can include working as a motel or hostel receptionist, a hostess in a restaurant, a barista in a cafe, a bartender at a pub or club, and much more. There’s also great opportunity for good money to be made.

For those looking to work in a pub, club, bar or restaurant, you’ll need to get your Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA. Some may also require a Responsible Conduct of Gambling or RCG. Attaining an RSA and RCG can be done in one day. Do a simple Google search for ‘RSA course’ in your neighbourhood. I paid $190 for my RSA and RCG at the Sydney Bar School for those in or around the CBD. I also did the cocktail course which may be helpful for beginners but unnecessary.

At the end of the course you’ll complete a multiple choice/fill in the blank test (trust me when I tell you this test is a joke). Then you’ll be presented with a certificate that will hold you over until your RSA/RCG comes in the mail. This looks like a simple identification card. If you’re planning on working in the catering industry, you’ll need your RSA (maybe your RCG) as well. One agency that gave me temp work right away was Nosh in Ultimo, NSW. They cater special events including sporting events and fashion shows.

Do a search on Gumtree for any jobs in hospitality. You could also look on Indeed and Seek under the hospitality category. Don’t be afraid to print off a few copies of your resume/CV and hit up a few spots that catch your eye. Ask to speak with a manager. If they’re hiring, chances are they’ll hire you on the spot or ask you to come in for a trial run. Regardless of your experience level, when they do ask, you say you ARE EXPERIENCED. Also, be certain to walk in looking polished, presentable and wearing appropriate attire. Hospitality is very much a first impressions-type industry, so the more put together you look, the better your chances.

For hostels and motels, your best bet would be to call or hop in with your resume/CV. Many hostels offer an opportunity for travelers to sleep at the hostel for free in exchange for a few days work a week.

The amount of money you make will definitely depend on the establishment and the neighbourhood you’re working in. If you’re hired on a casual basis as a caterer, for instance, chances are you’ll be paid a consistent base rate. If you decide however you’d like to get into bartending, or waiting at an upscale restaurant, you’ll likely make a good portion in tips. Do some research on the reputable restaurants in your area and walk in with your resume/CV saying you’re experienced. For those looking to work in the Sydney CBD, do some research on restaurants in Darling Harbour, The Rocks and Circular Quay. Plenty to be made there!

Have I missed anything? What industry should I tackle next? Comment below! 😉


Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN), Sydney’s party scene and beer

If you’re planning on working while staying in Australia you’ll need a TFN no. You won’t be able to apply for it from home but you can as soon as you land in Oz. If you’ve applied for it and want to start applying for jobs, let the employer know that you’ve applied and are waiting for it to be sent.

Applying for it is cake. You can apply for it here. Just type in ‘apply for TFN’ in the search bar on the top right and it will show you a link that leads straight to the application page. The application process shouldn’t take more than 15 mins. You’ll answer basic questions and need to provide them with your passport number and address for where it’ll be sent.

I entered the address to my hostel even though the Australian Taxation Office informed me that it would take anywhere from 7-28 days to arrive. If it doesn’t arrive before I leave the hostel I’ll need to make a trip back to pick it up.

I’m starting to realize how expensive everything is here. I’ll be applying for jobs starting tomorrow as well as looking into checking out a few apartments. This week Bounce is offering one week’s stay in a co-ed shared dorm for $210. Not a bad last resort if I may say so!

I’ve only been here a week but Sydney’s party scene seems riddled with more bars than anything. I love it… good opportunity to hang out with the locals, have a beer and a good chuckle. Me and a few hostel-mates have checked out a few bars in the King’s Cross area. It’s sort of a grungy neighbourhood… lots of strip joints and hagglers running around but otherwise, very friendly! Ha! There are a few Irish pubs along the strip and venues that host live bands. One bar/club called World Bar usually hosts a few bands every weekend. We went on a Friday. The crowd was a little young from what I could see (15 or 16 year olds running around) but the bands were great.

After a couple drinks we went down the street to the King’s Cross Hotel. A lot of the bars are called ‘hotels’ for some reason. I loved it there. The main floor was a sports bar and the fourth floor was a club… best of both worlds. The top floor also had a great balcony with a view of the neighbourhood.

Beer, beer, beer. I thought I’d try the Aussie favourite ‘Pure Blonde.’ Stay clear. I’m no beer connoisseur but damn… not a fan. If you hop into a bar that carries James Squire 150 Lashes however, give it a shot. It’s delish! This pale ale’s so clean and smooth it tastes like water. Could be a little dangerous for some! 🙂