Planning my first week in Australia

I choose to start my trip in Sydney. I leave from Toronto Pearson Airport on Aug. 3rd afternoon (Canadian EST) and stop in Denver and San Francisco before landing in Sydney on the morning of the 5th (Australian EST).

So far I decided I’ll spend my first week in a hostel. Ideally it would be nice to have an apartment and job set up before arriving, but I think it’d be easier to just wing it when I get there. Staying in a hostel will give me the time to re-coop from the flight, hang out, meet other backpackers and get my crap together.

So far I’ve been checking out a ton of reviews for hostels in Sydney. The 3 in the running so far are Wake Up! Sydney Central, Bounce Budget Hotel and Sydney Harbour The Rocks.

Wake Up! looks great: clean and colourful rooms, a good social atmosphere, and a ton of helpful services to get me settled (job search, phone set-up). They also have free 24-hour WiFi! Woooo! For an 8-person, female-only dorm it averages $38 AUD/night per person, which comes to $266 for the week. Not too shabby considering the cost of rent in Sydney averages $1000/week!

Bounce looks awesome! I love the look of the kitchen/dining area and the massive balcony overlooking the skyline. The hostel provides the same services except for free WiFi. Here they charge $3/hr for internet access. This could be a bummer unless there’s public WiFi available at a nearby eatery or café. The 8-person, female-only dorm averages $35/night ($245/week).

And the last contender: Sydney Harbour. This hostel looks very chic and sophisticated, and has a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House. I couldn’t find whether they provide free WiFi or not from the site. The standard rate for a 6-person, female-only dorm is $46/night ($322/week).

I find myself leaning more toward Wake Up! or Bounce but all 3 are looking pretty good!

If you stayed in Sydney and have positive reviews about these or any other hostels, let me know! It’s always great to get recommendations from people who’ve been. 🙂